Mental Rules for Golf

Mental Rules for Golf

The perfect gift for any golf fan

Well written stories of the 61 strategies of how the world’s greatest golfers play their best under pressure.

Endorsed by Hank Haney (Tiger’s coach) as well as many others.

Hardcover. Signed copy.

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Dr. Gregg on the Golf Channel

Dr. Gregg Steinberg talks about emotional toughness on the golf course and how it affects your golf game.

Dr. Gregg can help you improve:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Performance Psychology
  • Personal Motivation

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Be Money on the Greens – Live Event with Dr. Gregg

For your clients or your team.

Treat your clients or your team members to an engaging day on the golf course with Dr. Gregg! Everyone knows that golf is 90% mental, but the problem is that most golfers do not know what or how to practice so they can tap into their mental game.

Dr. Gregg has conducted this client event for Fortune 500 companies with raving success. This is a unique client event that can be used to bring in more prospects or at your next meeting that has a golf event.

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Mental Toughness with Nick Faldo

Dr. Gregg and Hall of Famer Nick Faldo did a commercial on the Golf Channel about a device that promotes Mental Toughness training.

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