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Matsuyama wins Jack Nicklaus’ tourney at Muirfield Vilalge

Hideki Matsuyama, winner of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance, shows us to be whom you are. Ironically, Matsuyama plays slow and methodical, just like the tournament host, Jack Nicklaus.

Sports psychologists, myself included, are typically teaching our players to become more reactive. For instance when putting, we tell them to look at the hole and then when your eyes track back to the ball, as soon as your vision hits the ball, start your backswing.  The key is to stay in motion over the ball, and avoid the brain freeze. Aaron Baddeley and Davis Love III are perfect examples of this method.

However, the shoe that fits one person will pinch the other. That method would not work for Matsuyama. He does not take the putter back until he is good and ready. If he were to get more reactive, he would feel rushed.

Are you reactive or are you slow and methodical in your putting routine?

The secret to this process is to find out what works best for you under pressure. If you make more putts when you slow down and act more methodical, then that is the best technique for you. If you make more putts in a reactive mode, then switch your technique to that type of routine.

Jack Nicklaus was the poster boy for a slow and methodical player. It worked for him—and it just might work for you as well.

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